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Custom Oval Glass Tops for Dining Tables

Are you looking for a custom-cut glass top for your dining room table? Glass Doctor® has a variety of custom glass options, and our certified professionals will help you choose the right option for your home. Call us at 855-603-1919 to schedule a free, in-home consultation today.

The Perfect Oval Glass Tabletop with Glass Doctor

Finding the perfect glass top for your dining room table starts with finding the perfect glass vendor. Glass Doctor doesn’t want you to settle for an ordinary glass tabletop, and thats why we work so closely with our customers to provide a variety of custom sizes, shapes, and finished edges.

Additionally, we offer extra protection for your glass table with a safety glass option, an added benefit for anyone with children or pets.

How do we do it? We work with you during a free, in-home consultation to determine exactly what you want and need. We also offer design assistance to ensure your ideas come to fruition. After the consultation, we provide up-front pricing, so you’re never surprised by the cost of your project.

What Size and Style Table Do You Need?

Glass Doctor has the ability to create custom glass tops for both existing and new tables, and we also understand the importance of bringing friends and family together. That’s why we want to ensure that your space requirements and desires are met.

Below are some considerations we’ll discuss during your consultation.

Size of the Table

The size of your family and room size are crucial factors in determining what size dining table you should invest in. Keeping the aforementioned elements in mind, here are a few recommended table space requirements to be aware of:

  • A width of 24″ between each person at the table helps in eliminating cramped seating and provides a comfortable dining space for each individual to eat.
  • Keeping 32″ between the wall and table makes it easier for people to get up and down from the table.
  • If you plan on serving people their food from behind their chairs, extend the table and wall distance to 42″.

Style of the Table

There are four major dining table styles:

  1. Traditional. Traditional table styles are a timeless homage to class and elegance, featuring ornate and textured details.
  2. Modern. This style showcases clean lines, sharp angles and minimalist surfaces.
  3. Contemporary. Contemporary style can be implemented in a variety of looks, so long as it follows some aspect of trending style.
  4. Transitional. In the transitional style, traditional and contemporary styles are mixed.

Use your imagination and consult with our Glass Doctor experts. Together we will work to find a style that best fits your home.

Consult Glass Doctor for All of Your Tabletop Needs

Tabletop glass doesn’t have to be contained to your dining room table. Glass Doctor is also able to create custom glass tops for your den, bedroom, and patio. Additionally, glass can be used over wooden tables to protect the wood from scratches and UV rays.

Call us today at 855-603-1919 and let one of our glass experts get you started on the right path toward the perfect glass oval dining table.



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