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Custom Glass Options for Your Home Windows

Glass Doctor® experts will complete your window repair or glass replacement quickly and with your budget in mind. Our certified professionals are available 24 hours a day for emergency window glass replacement, and they offer free, in-home consultations to discuss custom designs for the window glass in your home.

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When Do I Need to Replace My Window Glass?

If your double-paned window glass shows signs of a broken seal, it needs to be repaired. A broken seal could lead to dampness, mold, and temperature fluctuations in your home, which can greatly increase your monthly energy bills.

Here are some signs that indicate a broken seal in your window glass:

  • Milky appearance on the window
  • Condensation under the panes
  • Cracking or splitting
  • Raised seal

Many times, you don’t even have to replace the whole window in order to repair the damaged seal or pane. The specialists at Glass Doctor will determine the most cost-effective way to repair your window glass.

Upgrades and Custom Glass Window Solutions

There are many custom window options that can help you save money and showcase unique designs for your home.

  • Energy Efficiency—You can save up to 15% on your home energy bills if you use energy-efficient glass for your windows. Upgrading to more efficient glass with low-E coatings translates into big savings.
  • Tempered Glass—Tempered glass windows are much less likely to break than single pane glass windows.
  • Textures—If you want a frosted, beveled, bubbly, or streamed glass finishing option, textured glass windows add privacy while allowing light in.
  • Window Components—Glass Doctor not only repairs glass windows, but we also repair window balances, sash locks, and tilt latches.

Repair Your Window with Glass Doctor

If you have a glass repair emergency, Glass Doctor specialists are available 24 hours a day to provide new glass for broken windows. If your repairs require a new pane of custom glass to be ordered, we will board up the damaged window to re-secure your home and will schedule a permanent repair appointment as quickly as possible.

Don’t let your broken or damaged window glass become a pain. Get a free in-home estimate today by calling Glass Doctor at (855) 603-1919 for all of your home glass and window replacement needs.



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